June 14, 2024

Kyle Busch’s Fiancee

If you didn’t already dislike NASCAR driver Kyle Busch then I think this little diddy will push you right over the edge into pure hatred. Kyle “King Douche” Busch is engaged to 24-year-old bombshell Samantha Sarcinella and two are set to be married New Year’s Eve in Chi-Town. Not only is Samantha a beauty she also has a degree in Psychology from Purdue and is now working on her master’s degree in organizational psychology through Austin Peay. I have never done this before and I will never do it again, but congratulations Kyle!

Samanta Sarcinella pictures:

Samantha Sarcinella

Samantha Sarcinella

Samantha Sarcinella

Danica Double Time

Word around the garages is it’s only a matter of time until Danica Patrick is announced as a new team member of JR Motorsports. JR Motorsports is the Nationwide Series operation owned by none other than Dale Earnhardt Jr. It has been reported Patrick will sign a two-year contract and will race in as many Nationwide Series events as possible since she is still racing full-time in the Indy Racing League. The partnership should make its track debut next February at historic Daytona Speedway. This is a very smart move by Little E and NASCAR to bring Danica Patrick into the fold. She will sell major merchandise and will bring more eyeballs to a sport that has been dwindling in viewership in the last few years.

Langston Goes Back-to-Back

We would like to congratulate Keith “Sippi” Langston for winning his second Pure Stock points title in as many years this past weekend at Orange County Speedway. Langston winning the title was pretty much a foregone conclusion due to the massive lead he had accumulated throughout the year. Langston had 4 wins, 3 second place and 2 third place finishes during the 2009 campaign. Langston has been truly dominant for the last two years at OCS and you can count on him to be the heavy favorite entering 2010. Congrats Sippi!

Mayfield Mud Slinging Continues

The Jeremy Mayfield saga continues unravel with more and more bizarre news and accusations and the latest coming earlier today. Mayfield who was suspended a few months ago from NASCAR for allegedly smoking crystal meth has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his stepmother Lisa Mayfield over the death of his father. Mayfield and his legal team filed the suit late last week in North Carolina Superior Court. The lawsuit doesn’t state specifically how his stepmother was involved in the death of Terry Mayfield, but claims her “intentional actions” were a key role in his death. The investigation performed by police stated Terry Mayfield died from a suicidal gunshot to his chest, but it seems Jeremy thinks his stepmother is the culprit. This story has already been an ugly one for the Mayfield family, but it could get a lot worse before there is resolution.

Langston Wins In Amazing Fashion

This past Saturday was another steamy summer evening out at Orange County Speedway in Rougemont, North Carolina and there was a full list of races for all the spectators to enjoy. I personally arrived in time to see some of the final qualifying laps for the Late Model Stock series along with some U-Cars heats to get me in the mood for a good night at the track. Our favorite racer Keith “Sippi” Langston was third on the race agenda for the evening so he was gracious enough to take some time to come sit with me and some other fans before his Pure Stock race. Sippi came into the Pure Stock series that evening leading the point’s race with a laser focus to continue his winning ways. Langston had finished second in qualifying and drew fourth, but the starting position isn’t where races are won for Mississippi Motorsports. Langston as usual immediately shot out of the gates at the beginning of the race, but Tony Ivey wasn’t going to give up the lead easily. Langston and Ivey literally fought the entire 20 laps with the final few leading up to a one hell of a finish. Langston continuously ran extremely hard in turn 3 and 4 of the 3/8 mile track, but each time Ivey will somehow hold him off to maintain first place. Then on the final lap Sippi made one more tremendous charge before turn 3 and by turn 4 the two were neck and neck, but Langston was able to reach the finish line first before getting spun out by a disgusted Tony Ivey. The crowd went wild and the winning ways for Langston continued. The next race is at Orange County Speedway on August 18th so we highly recommend you put it on the calendar and plan to attend because it is a great outing to say the least.

Orange County Speedway Pure Stock Race July 18th, 2009

Langston Continues to Shine

Keith Langston won his second race of the year at Orange County Speedway in dominating fashion this past Saturday. “Sippi” Langston led the entire Pure Stock race on the Fourth of July, but it definitely wasn’t without suspense during the final laps. This win gives Langston a commanding 26 point lead in the overall points race and he has his eyes on another OCS Pure Stock Championship.

Is Watching NASCAR Safe?

ATTENTION NASCAR FANS: Before you buy your next ticket to the track, ask yourself one question – Is my last will and testament up to date?

If you missed the final lap of the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega Superspeedway Sunday, then you not only missed a thrilling ending to the worlds fastest sport, but you also missed one of the most terrifying situations in racing.

A last lap crash, on the front stretch…with a car going airborne…and heading straight towards the fans.

In case you missed it here’s a replay…

If that catch fence fails or Carl Edwards’ car is a few feet higher, then we would have an awful tragedy being broadcast all over the news today. Eight NASCAR fans were treated for minor injuries as a result of the accident, but no one, including none of the drivers, was seriously hurt. In fact, Carl Edwards stepped out of his car and jogged to finish line in a symbolic finish to the race

Is it a testament to the technology and engineering that no one is mourning a loved one today or is it just divine intervention? Maybe its a little bit of both. The fact that no fan was seriously hurt is amazing. The fact that Carl Edwards isn’t in a hospital is a amazing.

So the question remains: Even though no one was seriously hurt, is it safe to sit in the stands and watch a NASCAR race?

I think the answer for race fans is yes.

First, consider the odds of being in position on a track to witness this type of wreck. They are pretty big and you would have a better chance of getting in an accident after the race just trying to get out of the parking area.

Second, this doesn’t mean that NASCAR and the track owners will not be investigating the mechanics of this crash for months to come. You can say what you want about this sport but I believe on thing to be true…safety is a number one concern for all involved.

There were at least 3 other cars that I saw yesterday hit the wall head on (similar to a crash that killed Dale Earnhardt) and they walked away. Why? Technology like the Hans Device and softer barrier walls, which a few years ago didn’t exist, kept those drivers not only alive but unhurt.

I would put my money on the development of a safer catch fence in the near future…possibly one that does not allow debris through, as a result of this accident.

Like racing or not, the finish to this race was thrilling, terrifying and amazing all in the span of about 10 seconds.

You will definitely see me at the track…and I just looked…my will is up to date!

Keith Langston Continues Winning Ways

Keith Langston started on the pole this past Saturday April 18th for the twenty lap Pure Stock race at Orange County Speedway. Langston got off to a good start, but not the same thing can be said for his other competitors. Langston rolled out to about a 7 or 8 car length lead early in the race on the next closest racer Thomas Penny. Then on lap 7 there was caution on the track for debris and after lap 10 Langston was still in the lead with Thomas Penny in second, Chase Sandefur in third, Tony Ivey in fourth and Thomas Chappell in fifth. Thomas Penny made a big push for “Mississippi” Langston towards the latter part of the race and even went side by side for a lap or so with Langston riding the high line as usual. In the end when the white flag flew it was Langston grabbing the victory and another trophy for the memorabilia room. Langston finished first with Thomas Penny in second, and Sandefur winding up in third. Langston won the season long point’s race in ’08 and it sure looks like he hasn’t missed a bit after the first race of this year.

Mississippi Motorsports is Ready to Roll

I’m sure by now all of our readers are well aware of Keith Langston and more importantly that last year he won it all at Orange County Speedway. We were so proud of his domination at OCS last year and it felt good to know SportsUnderground.com backed the best Pure Stock racer at Orange County Speedway. Well, it’s hard to believe that racing season is just around the corner when it seems like just yesterday the season ended. We are REALLY looking forward to this season because Langston will be mainly be racing at South Boston Speedway with a few OCS races still in the mix. Keith Langston has informed us that Mississippi Motorsports should have an update soon on some new sponsors for the ’09 season so once we get the scoop we will let you know.

Monster Truck Madness

For the second time recently someone was killed at a monster truck event. The most recent death was suffered by the promoter of the event and it was caught on film. Check out the video to understand exactly what happened and at the very end there is footage right before the promoter is struck.