April 13, 2024

Monster Truck Madness

For the second time recently someone was killed at a monster truck event. The most recent death was suffered by the promoter of the event and it was caught on film. Check out the video to understand exactly what happened and at the very end there is footage right before the promoter is struck.


  1. That is messed up! I bet he looked like a pancake when it was all said and done.

  2. Welcome back my friend. Where you been?
    I missed seing you in Victory lane.
    I have a pink Sharpie just for your autograph.

  3. Man that is creepy! If he only could have had some wood to knock on in that interview with the news.

  4. i bet you carry around a pink sharpie sippi

  5. You sure do alot of betting toothy.
    Just for you I carry this sharpie,
    It is your favorite color……… right?

  6. dexineffex says

    Tragic. What’s up with the lady’s last name who is interviewed???????? That is either creepy or a cruel joke.

  7. WTF was he doing in the ring of fire anyway..