April 14, 2024

Mississippi Motorsports is Ready to Roll

I’m sure by now all of our readers are well aware of Keith Langston and more importantly that last year he won it all at Orange County Speedway. We were so proud of his domination at OCS last year and it felt good to know SportsUnderground.com backed the best Pure Stock racer at Orange County Speedway. Well, it’s hard to believe that racing season is just around the corner when it seems like just yesterday the season ended. We are REALLY looking forward to this season because Langston will be mainly be racing at South Boston Speedway with a few OCS races still in the mix. Keith Langston has informed us that Mississippi Motorsports should have an update soon on some new sponsors for the ’09 season so once we get the scoop we will let you know.


  1. Langston was solid at Orange County. I hope he still contends this year.

  2. Sippi will prevail wherever he races Hause. Thanks for the comment!

  3. This two bit crazed dog will fall flat on his face racing full time at South Boston. Can’t wait to hear the updates.

  4. Looks like ye who has Blog Balls is back in full swing.
    Thanks Hause and JZ I look forward to seing ya’ll soon.