April 14, 2024

Langston Wins In Amazing Fashion

This past Saturday was another steamy summer evening out at Orange County Speedway in Rougemont, North Carolina and there was a full list of races for all the spectators to enjoy. I personally arrived in time to see some of the final qualifying laps for the Late Model Stock series along with some U-Cars heats to get me in the mood for a good night at the track. Our favorite racer Keith “Sippi” Langston was third on the race agenda for the evening so he was gracious enough to take some time to come sit with me and some other fans before his Pure Stock race. Sippi came into the Pure Stock series that evening leading the point’s race with a laser focus to continue his winning ways. Langston had finished second in qualifying and drew fourth, but the starting position isn’t where races are won for Mississippi Motorsports. Langston as usual immediately shot out of the gates at the beginning of the race, but Tony Ivey wasn’t going to give up the lead easily. Langston and Ivey literally fought the entire 20 laps with the final few leading up to a one hell of a finish. Langston continuously ran extremely hard in turn 3 and 4 of the 3/8 mile track, but each time Ivey will somehow hold him off to maintain first place. Then on the final lap Sippi made one more tremendous charge before turn 3 and by turn 4 the two were neck and neck, but Langston was able to reach the finish line first before getting spun out by a disgusted Tony Ivey. The crowd went wild and the winning ways for Langston continued. The next race is at Orange County Speedway on August 18th so we highly recommend you put it on the calendar and plan to attend because it is a great outing to say the least.

Orange County Speedway Pure Stock Race July 18th, 2009


  1. dexineffex says

    Sippi In Da House!! SHOWTIME when he’s on the track.