April 14, 2024

Mayfield Mud Slinging Continues

The Jeremy Mayfield saga continues unravel with more and more bizarre news and accusations and the latest coming earlier today. Mayfield who was suspended a few months ago from NASCAR for allegedly smoking crystal meth has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his stepmother Lisa Mayfield over the death of his father. Mayfield and his legal team filed the suit late last week in North Carolina Superior Court. The lawsuit doesn’t state specifically how his stepmother was involved in the death of Terry Mayfield, but claims her “intentional actions” were a key role in his death. The investigation performed by police stated Terry Mayfield died from a suicidal gunshot to his chest, but it seems Jeremy thinks his stepmother is the culprit. This story has already been an ugly one for the Mayfield family, but it could get a lot worse before there is resolution.