September 25, 2022

Wolfman and MNF


New Orleans -3
New Orleans/Minn over 47

heck, I even parlayed them for kicks!


NFL 2-2 (ended up taking Pitt last night instead of Jacksonville, but didn’t factor that into this record.)

Wolfman Vs. The Books


Balt +2
Ariz -2
Denver/TB over 47
NY Giants -6.5

Let’s see how this shakes out

oh, yeah, leaning to Jacksonville -5, but ain’t going to play it

Just A Couple of Videos

Having Trouble Sleeping

So in the midst of tossing and turning this evening, this morning, whatever it is right now, I look up at the tv, and what the hell is Kevin James doing winning the final table of a World Series of Poker Event?!?!

LisandroKevin James

I mean, Jeff Lisandro, Kevin James…Clark Kent, Superman…Bruce Wayne, Batman…..are they ever seen together? Hmmmmm……

Surprise, Surprise

It’s been a pretty well known deal that UNC basketball recruits football better than the football staff does. Prime Example:

Greg Little

I mean, why sign with Notre Dame when you can get front row seats to a National Title Run with the Tarheels? I mean, if you can play football, you can play anywhere….but where else can you be guaranteed a seat on a bench that even money can’t buy? CHAPEL HILL!!! Who is that washed up defensive end that pulled the same deal?…..James, Jermell, J….Peppers?

Tommy and the Tigers Show True Stripes


I’ve been meaning to get your opinions on this all week, but have just gotten the chance to sit down and get it out there. Some of you may remember Ray Ray McElrathby, a running back on the Clemson Tiger football team. He wasn’t a big contributor on the field, but off the field he was an all-star. He took in his little brother and cared for him while going to college and playing a major division I sport. Clemson saw their chance to “pimp” their good citizen and get a lot of good publicity for going the extra mile to help in this admirable situation. But scholarship crunches in college football are a bitch. I mean, how can a team be expected to jump out of the gates only to collapse halfway through the season year after year without bringing in new blood? Clemson may have found the answer: kick a good student, and a good kid off the team. Oops, sorry, not kick them off, but not renew their scholarship. Classless, but I mean, it IS Tommy Bowden we’re talking about here. As much respect as I have for Bobby Bowden, I despise Tommy as much or more.

It would be wrong not to at least mention the fact that Ray is set to graduate a year early in August, which is a huge accomplishment with all the external forces acting against him. And yes, Clemson has offered him a graduate asst. role on the team, just no more suiting up. Clemson had no problem flaunting their generosity and compassion, so it’s only fair to point out their self-serving attitude as well. Karma is a bitch Tommy!

McFadden, Shawn Kemp Part Deux?

So the Atlanta paper is reporting that Darren “Ladies Man” McFadden is ducking a paternity suit…and actually told a team earlier that he had children on the way….CHILDREN, as in plural, meaning two. I’m going out on a limb, and I’ve been wrong before, but I’m betting it ain’t twins, and there are two mommas as well. Hope he likes eating Ramen Noodles, cause at the rate he is going, child support is gonna continue to eat up whatever contracts he signs!


Little Known NBA Nugget

Anyone who followed basketball through the 80’s, 90’s and even today knows who Bill Laimbeer is. But I ran across a ridiculously cool fact while wasting a little time on the interweb this evening. Back in the early to mid 70’s, there was a show on called “Land of the Lost”. While I was born in 1973, I DO remember seeing reruns of this show, and our good friend Bill (while in high school) appeared on this show as a Sleestak. I mean, I guess you can’t play basketball ALL the time!!

Bill Laimbeer 1
Bill Laimbeer 2

Dunking Isn’t Just for Big Boys

See more amazing feats of athletic prowess here!

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