January 23, 2022

Michael Vick’s Sentence

Click here to see a *hilarious picture of Michael Vick.*


Amazing High School Football Hightlight Reel

This is one of the most impressive high school highlight films I have seen in a while!

Who’s Laughing Now Joe-Joe?

So, as seen earlier on Sportsunderground, Joey Crawford tossed Tim Duncan for laughing from the bench. Well, today the joke was on Crawford, suspended indefinitely for supposedly challenging Duncan to fight on the court.

By the way, in the photo below, Byron Scott has just about the biggest “Whatchu talkin’ ’bout Willis?!” look I’ve seen in a while.

crawford gets the gate

Where’s Waldo

I’m not sure if you can find me in this picture with Mario Williams, Stephen Tulloch, and Tank Tyler at the NCSU spring game today. I would be the smallest one in the picture, which, if you knew me, that would make the other guys in the picture THAT much more impressive. Let’s just say I ain’t tiny.

Oh yeah…

nuff said

Weasel, Snake, Saban, Petrino…Same Difference

With all due respect to Stonecold, I hope Petrino falls flat on his face.  It’s one thing to want to move up the “coaching ladder”, take a more prestigious job, and ultimately make a ton more cash.  But if you think those kind of moves are in your future, don’t sign a LONG term contract.  Less than a year into a 10 year contract, Petrino decided to take his dog and pony show to another city, leaving kids who had committed to him and Louisville holding the bag.  COMMITTED.  I bet you Petrino couldn’t spell that with two hands and a dictionary (I’d even let Nicky Saban help him).  He can claim all he wants that he was not actively pursuing the job, and that may be technically true.  But when your agent is shopping you this early into your contract, you can bet he wasn’t doing it on his own.  If there was 1 year left on the contract, the agent would just be doing his job, however this is just wrong.  Petrino lied to those who signed him to a contract.  He lied to the kids who he told I’ll be here for the long haul.  He lied to the community and city of Louisville by selling them a bill of goods he had no intention of providing if he could help it.  He is just that….a liar.  So yeah, I hope he falls on his face in Atlanta.

The Falcons have told Little Bobby that he would be able to make the long term decision on Mike Vick as well.  If he thinks Vick can play the position for the Falcons, they will keep him.  If he has doubts, they will try to trade him.  My question is, how the hell will Petrino be able to make any decision dealing with long term.  His promises are only good as long has the end of his nose….fortunately for him, it appears to be getting longer every day.  Good day and piss off Petrino.

JD’s Picks – Mon-ey-day NBA

Alrighty, here are the picks for tonight.

  • Dallas -4 2*
  • Dallas/Char over 192 1*
  • Orlando -3.5 1*
  • SA/Portland over 183.5 2*

There, that ought to do it. Will be back shortly to update record.

Thursday Night Thoughts

Just a few notes and observations as I flip back and forth from game to game

  1. LaMarcus Aldridge may be a great kid. He may be a great basketball player someday. But please, PLEASE, don’t talk. If you heard the call in during the Texas – Mich. State game, you know what I mean
  2. Houston Rockets big men, specifically Yao “Pick an’ Ro'” Ming and Dikembe, don’t bring the ball down. Don’t try to dribble, or anything that brings the ball below your shoulders. Good lord!
  3. Speaking of the Houston Rockets….if they were to look up ONE word in the dictionary, FINISH ought to be it. If you can’t find it, I’ll even do the leg work for you.
    • Finish : to defeat or ruin utterly and finally. To DEFEAT. FINALLY.
  4. Is Doug Collins talking through a block of cheese at the end of his mic? Several games this year and he sounds like he is talking into a pillow. Can someone from TNT please fix this?

ok, I think that’s it…carry on

JD’s Picks – Thursday NBA

Was a tad under the weather yesterday, so I didn’t get to look at the games nearly enough to get a good idea, so I took the day off. Tuesday was sooooo close, but no cigar. The Rockets decided to play a game of backyard HORSE the last 3 min of the game, and couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn. That’s ok, not off by much, and those things happen. Just to update the ol’ record:

  • Chi/Dallas over 189.5 2* WIN
  • SA/Hou over 177 1* LOSS
  • parlay Chi/Dall over 189.5 / SA/Hou over 177 1* LOSS

total units for Tuesday: -.2
total units to date: +.8


  • 3-1
  • parlays 1-1

Now for tonight. Thursdays kinda suck because of the exclusive deal with TNT, so you only get 2 games, which is ok during football season. But after football season, you ALWAYS get stuck watching the boring azz Spurs or some other BLAH team. Wait…where was I…oh yeah..back to the point. With two games on the schedule tonight, I see one that I really like”

  • Chi/Hou over 180.5 2*

That’s all for tonight. I’ll let Stonecold handle the football game, as I am a much better watcher than capper for football.

edit: I am going to go ahead and post all my projections for tonight, but the only one I’m playing is the one listed above. Hou -5.5, over 180.5, Sac +5, and under 201

JD’s Tuesday NBA

Good night last night. Got back in the black. Will update record shortly, just wanted to get these up in time.

2 stand out to me tonight

  • Chi/Dallas over 189.5 2*
  • SA/Hou over 177 1*
  • parlay Chi/Dall over 189.5 / SA/Hou over 177 1*

edit to update record

so last night, we guessed I was down about -4*’s. at the end of the night, it was reversed and was up 1*. the wins went like this:

  • Sea/NJ Sea +3 2* WIN 2*’s
  • Orl/Bos Orl -1 1* WIN 1*
  • Parlay Sea+5/Orl-.5 1*(bought the hooks for the parlay) WIN 2*’s

overall +1*
nba record

  • 2-0
  • parlays 1-0