October 16, 2021

JD’s Picks – Thursday NBA

Was a tad under the weather yesterday, so I didn’t get to look at the games nearly enough to get a good idea, so I took the day off. Tuesday was sooooo close, but no cigar. The Rockets decided to play a game of backyard HORSE the last 3 min of the game, and couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn. That’s ok, not off by much, and those things happen. Just to update the ol’ record:

  • Chi/Dallas over 189.5 2* WIN
  • SA/Hou over 177 1* LOSS
  • parlay Chi/Dall over 189.5 / SA/Hou over 177 1* LOSS

total units for Tuesday: -.2
total units to date: +.8


  • 3-1
  • parlays 1-1

Now for tonight. Thursdays kinda suck because of the exclusive deal with TNT, so you only get 2 games, which is ok during football season. But after football season, you ALWAYS get stuck watching the boring azz Spurs or some other BLAH team. Wait…where was I…oh yeah..back to the point. With two games on the schedule tonight, I see one that I really like”

  • Chi/Hou over 180.5 2*

That’s all for tonight. I’ll let Stonecold handle the football game, as I am a much better watcher than capper for football.

edit: I am going to go ahead and post all my projections for tonight, but the only one I’m playing is the one listed above. Hou -5.5, over 180.5, Sac +5, and under 201

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