October 15, 2021

Thursday Night Thoughts

Just a few notes and observations as I flip back and forth from game to game

  1. LaMarcus Aldridge may be a great kid. He may be a great basketball player someday. But please, PLEASE, don’t talk. If you heard the call in during the Texas – Mich. State game, you know what I mean
  2. Houston Rockets big men, specifically Yao “Pick an’ Ro'” Ming and Dikembe, don’t bring the ball down. Don’t try to dribble, or anything that brings the ball below your shoulders. Good lord!
  3. Speaking of the Houston Rockets….if they were to look up ONE word in the dictionary, FINISH ought to be it. If you can’t find it, I’ll even do the leg work for you.
    • Finish : to defeat or ruin utterly and finally. To DEFEAT. FINALLY.
  4. Is Doug Collins talking through a block of cheese at the end of his mic? Several games this year and he sounds like he is talking into a pillow. Can someone from TNT please fix this?

ok, I think that’s it…carry on

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