August 10, 2022

Having Trouble Sleeping

So in the midst of tossing and turning this evening, this morning, whatever it is right now, I look up at the tv, and what the hell is Kevin James doing winning the final table of a World Series of Poker Event?!?!

LisandroKevin James

I mean, Jeff Lisandro, Kevin James…Clark Kent, Superman…Bruce Wayne, Batman…..are they ever seen together? Hmmmmm……


  1. along with Tom Green this guy comes in second as the most unfunniest human on the planet. Tell me when Ted Knight rises from the dead and wins and then this would be interesting.

  2. if youre referring to me, i was just making a comment that they looked alike through drowsy eyes. i wasnt auditioning for funniest human on the planet…and i wouldnt even think of trying to rival your OBVIOUSLY witty insights and remarks. i wish i could be more like you actually, you know, kinda assholish with a twist of arrogance. yep, i strive for it everyday

  3. Thanks for the compliment Wolfman.. but i was not making a crack at ya… I see now that you wrote this not Stonecold…My wiseass remark was toward kevin james and if I was having a hard time sleeping and kevin james came on tv I would be asleep in moments. My humble and sincere apologies… Now go get your shinebox.

  4. Oh…try warm milk and sleepeez next time.

  5. ok….soooooo…..i guess this is where i would apologize for the “assholish with a twist” comment….guess loss of sleep makes me a little edgy too….sorry bout that. and thanks for the clarification.

  6. Bruins1 – Tom Green is funny….very funny!

  7. dexineffex says

    Bruins1 — that A&M game was almost funny, very funny. To bad your team had to ruin the fun! :-).

    Tom Green’s greatest hit: “My bum is on your lips”

  8. Hillarious game Desinex. I almost broke the 42″ Flat Screen over my knee. Anyway.. Tom Green is a douchbag. Can someone name 3 of his movies.. if he has even been in 3, movies that have actually grossed more than $10M in its lifetime.

  9. I think the main thing to recognize is the fact UCLA was still able to win the game after playing very poor.

    I actually own 2 of Tom Green’s movies and here is 3 for you. Freddie Got Fingered, Road Trip and Stealing Harvard. He was also in Charlie’s Angels.

  10. wow!.. let me know when any of those stellar films come on TV @ 3:30AM in case I cant sleep.

    Also as the Great Jimmy V once said.. “Survive and advance!”