August 10, 2022

Wolfman and MNF


New Orleans -3
New Orleans/Minn over 47

heck, I even parlayed them for kicks!


NFL 2-2 (ended up taking Pitt last night instead of Jacksonville, but didn’t factor that into this record.)


  1. screw that little bastard kicker! only one job, and out of 3 opportunities, he screwed two of them. one cost them a touchdown, the other cost them the game. second game in this young season he has cost them. id hang his ass from the top tier of the superdome if i were in charge. at the very least, his ass would be standing in the unemployment line in about 45 min.

    on a sidenote, isnt that assclown the same douchebag who injured himself CELEBRATING after actually making a kick several years ago. now we see why he was so fricking happy.