July 15, 2024

T.O. Hatin Via Twitter

Terrell Owens decided to take to his Twitter account this weekend and share a thought about his former quarterback Tony Romo. Terrell’s new team the Buffalo Bills won on Sunday against the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers and then the Cowboys lost at home to the Giants so Owens tweeted what was on his mind. “Dallas just found out they had a T.R. problem not a T.O. problem !!” This was an obvious back handed comment considering Romo went 13 for 29 and threw three interceptions in the loss. I think it’s safe to say T.O. doesn’t love his ex-quarterback anymore.

Cowboys Fans Party Hard

Over 105,000 people attended the Cowboys first home game in the new Cowboys Stadium last night and watched Tony Romo throw away the game to the rival New York Giants. Apparently a lot of the fans who attended the game got their drink on in a serious way because 41 people were in Arlington jail at 7 AM this morning after being arrested for public intoxication. There could have been even more people arrested at the game if they bonded out of jail between game time and 6 AM Monday. It sounds like Jerry’s new palace with all the party rooms, fancy art, and mega video board was a complete hit so now all he needs to do is find a quarterback who won’t keep losing games for his beloved team.

Romo Has a New Flame

I’m sure we all know by now that Tony Romo broke up with Jessica Simpson recently, but do any of you know who he is dating now?
According to reports from CelebTV.com the Dallas Cowboys quarterback is kicking it with Candice Crawford the former Miss Missouri. Miss Crawford is a Dallas TV sports reporter, how convenient, and hosts the weekend television show for the Cowboys. She might not have the same flotation devices as Jessica, but being the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys comes with some definite perks.

Candice Crawford pictures:

Candice Crawford

Candice Crawford

Tony Romo Expert Cougar Hunter

It has only been a week or so since Cowboys fans hopes for a good season were lifted exponentially due to Tony Romo breaking things off with Jessica Simpson. I still think the reason the separation occurred was because Romo refused to have any part of the Ken and Barbie themed birthday party Simpson had scheduled the day after Romo called it quits. Either way it didn’t take long for Romo to move on because whispers out of Texas suggest Romo hooked up with 43 year-old “Blame It on Rio” actress Michelle Johnson the very next night after giving Jessica the boot. I think it might be safe to say Romo is a boob man whether they are real or store bought based on his selection of the female race.

Michelle Johnson picture:
Michelle Johnson

Tony Romo Is Loved

The National Enquirer is reporting Jessica Simpson recently gave boyfriend Tony Romo a $100,000 speedboat for his birthday! Call me stupid, but where in the blue hell is Jessica getting $100,000 to drop on such a luxurious gift? Well, Jessica was able to scrounge up the cheddar somehow and Romo was quite pleased with the custom-made piece of machinery. I wonder if Romo now feels obligated to return the favor and propose to Jessica?

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson