July 15, 2024

One of the best in boxing is found dead

Former boxing champion Alexis Arguello, one of the best junior lightweights to ever step in the ring, was found dead at his home early Wednesday. The La Prensa newspaper reported Arguello was found with a gunshot wound to the chest and the rumors are starting to swirl around whether his death was a suicide attempt. Arguello previously discussed with Sports Illustrated in 1985 that he had considered suicide to escape feelings of betrayal and despair and there have been reports recently he had been battling serious bouts with depression.

Before Arguello no one had ever won the title in three different weight divisions. Arguello even moved up again in weight in 1982 to challenge junior welterweight figther Aaron Pryor in a tilt titled as the “Battle of the Champions.” Over 20,000 fans poured into the Orange Bowl to see an epic brawl that ultimately led to Pryor knocking out Arguello in the 14th round which today would be unheard of for boxers to go so many rounds. Arguello is one of the classiest fighters to ever step foot into the ring due to his upstanding character and demeanor. Rest in peace Alexis!