May 20, 2024

Remember when Heavyweight Boxing was Cool?

Did anyone know there was a heavyweight boxing title fight yesterday? Wladamir Klitschko is now the undisputed heavyweight champion after a win over WBA belt holder David Haye. It was roughly 10 years ago when we were buying pay-per-view bouts with Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis, but now there is almost no interest in the sport. Could it be due to what the UFC has become or is it more related to the lack of characters from previous years. Either way the sport is pretty much dead and it might not ever be revived.

Floyd Mayweather Interview Derailed

It’s well known that Floyd Mayweather Jr. loves to talk smack and has no problems mixing it up with the people who interview him. Check out this video of his post fight interview with Max Kellerman after he dismantled Manuel Marquez Saturday night. I could be wrong, but I think Kellerman got a little cash on the side to promote a potential fight between Money Mayweather and Sugar Shane Mosley.

One of the best in boxing is found dead

Former boxing champion Alexis Arguello, one of the best junior lightweights to ever step in the ring, was found dead at his home early Wednesday. The La Prensa newspaper reported Arguello was found with a gunshot wound to the chest and the rumors are starting to swirl around whether his death was a suicide attempt. Arguello previously discussed with Sports Illustrated in 1985 that he had considered suicide to escape feelings of betrayal and despair and there have been reports recently he had been battling serious bouts with depression.

Before Arguello no one had ever won the title in three different weight divisions. Arguello even moved up again in weight in 1982 to challenge junior welterweight figther Aaron Pryor in a tilt titled as the “Battle of the Champions.” Over 20,000 fans poured into the Orange Bowl to see an epic brawl that ultimately led to Pryor knocking out Arguello in the 14th round which today would be unheard of for boxers to go so many rounds. Arguello is one of the classiest fighters to ever step foot into the ring due to his upstanding character and demeanor. Rest in peace Alexis!

There are 2 WBC Champs.. Do you care?

Vitali Klitschko stopped Juan Carlos Gomez in the ninth round Saturday night, easily retaining his WBC heavyweight title. Did you even know?.. Do you care?

The 37-year-old champion twice put down the Germany-based Cuban defector, in the seventh and ninth rounds, before the referee Daniel Van de Wiele stopped the fight with 1 minute, 11 seconds remaining in the round.

How far as boxing fallen from the US scene? When Iron Mike was kicking ass and biting ears we all wanted to see what would happen next in any of his fights.. even the last few when his mystique was gone. With MMA etc.. boxing has not only taken a back seat but it isnt even in the car.

The other WBC Champs are the Japanese…again. They are now 2 for 2 in WBC baseball championships.  Again the US audience showed that this is not really something we care about and our players looked the same on the field.

Why does this tournament even have to be played during March when there is nothing making the event appealing. lets see… March Madness or International baseball?… Ill take hoops for $1000 Alex..

Lets try and have this in Feb or even better during the All Star break and maybe, just maybe we will give a hoot.. and for Boxing.. well even though Don King ruined the sport I sure do miss his shenanigans.

Mike Tyson Alert

Mike Tyson

I’m off to court on August 2nd for drug possession and driving under the influence of drugs.  Tyson had more of the cocaine on him than Tony Montoya did in the final scene of Scarface.  This could lead to Tyson heading back home….err I mean prison for sure.

Tommy Morrison is Back

Tommy Morrison

Two days ago we discussed Rocky caught with steroids and now comes another big story in the world of boxing. HIV positive Tommy “Tommy Gun” Morrison has been cleared to participate in a four round fight this Thursday night in West Virginia. Tommy claims he is HIV negative so there are no issues with him returning to the ring. I can think of one major issue which is the fact Tommy hasn’t fought a fight in over 10 years. I hope the guy he is boxing is a scrub or else he Tommy Gun will get embarassed.

BREAKING NEWS: Rocky busted with steroids

Sylvester Stallone

One of the best sports blogs out there Deadspin has news of our American hero Rocky busted with human growth hormones. I am so stunned right now I’m not sure I can go to work tomorrow. What is the world coming too? I need a beer….errr a huge liquor drink!!!

Mike Tyson Never Ceases to Amaze Me

Mike TysonMike Tyson is stepping back in the ring after a long hiatus from boxing against someone with a detached retina. Needless to say “Iron Mike” isn’t exactly fighting quality boxers these days and is now stating he would be willing to fight a woman. Wait a second though Mike….Haven’t you been beating up women your entire career anyway?

Story: Mike Tyson