April 14, 2024

Kimbo Slice Is Back

Fallen mixed martial arts star Kimbo Slice has been selected as one of the upcoming contestants for the UFC backed TV show The Ultimate Fighter. Kimbo became known as the bodyguard of the notorious Bang Brothers and then rose to a true internet stardom because of his brutal street fights served up on You Tube. Slice even went on to fight a couple of MMA matches for the now defunct Elite XC MMA Organization and it is widely known the reason Elite XC went down was due to Kimbo falling to a back-up fighter during the organization’s second TV show on CBS. This is probably Kimbo’s last big chance so he better take advantage of working with some of MMA’s best on The Ultimate Fighter.

There are 2 WBC Champs.. Do you care?

Vitali Klitschko stopped Juan Carlos Gomez in the ninth round Saturday night, easily retaining his WBC heavyweight title. Did you even know?.. Do you care?

The 37-year-old champion twice put down the Germany-based Cuban defector, in the seventh and ninth rounds, before the referee Daniel Van de Wiele stopped the fight with 1 minute, 11 seconds remaining in the round.

How far as boxing fallen from the US scene? When Iron Mike was kicking ass and biting ears we all wanted to see what would happen next in any of his fights.. even the last few when his mystique was gone. With MMA etc.. boxing has not only taken a back seat but it isnt even in the car.

The other WBC Champs are the Japanese…again. They are now 2 for 2 in WBC baseball championships.  Again the US audience showed that this is not really something we care about and our players looked the same on the field.

Why does this tournament even have to be played during March when there is nothing making the event appealing. lets see… March Madness or International baseball?… Ill take hoops for $1000 Alex..

Lets try and have this in Feb or even better during the All Star break and maybe, just maybe we will give a hoot.. and for Boxing.. well even though Don King ruined the sport I sure do miss his shenanigans.

UFC Fight Goes Way Wrong

Check out this video clip from a recent UFC fight and watch Corey Hill’s leg snap like a twig!

Kimbo Slice Victorious

YouTube phenom Kimbo Slice reigned victorious Saturday evening in the main event of the EliteXC exhibition on CBS. Kimbo defeated James Thompson and you can see the final round in the video clip below if you missed it. I highly recommend you check out the video if you haven’t seen it yet because the ending is quite the eye opener. Gina Carano was also victorious and it’s always a pleasure to watch her go at it. Overall, I thought the EliteXC event was put together pretty well and I think CBS might have a hit on their hands.

Damn Gina!

Gina Carano

Gina Carano is new on the scene in mixed martial arts fighting, but is quickly becoming a phenomenon. She is currently 5-0 and is scheduled to fight against former Hook n Shoot champion Kaitlin Young on the CBS EliteXC debut on May 31st. This is the same show that Kimbo Slice will be fighting in the feature bout. Don’t know about you, but I will be tuning into to watch Gina and you can take that to the bank.

Andre the Drunk

Andre the Giant

I’m sure each of you remember the historic wrestler Andre the Giant. Andre was a 7’5 man weighing well over 500 pounds that for over two decades was the biggest thing (no pun intended) on the wrestling scene. One thing I didn’t know is that Andre the Giant was a drinking god. When I read the article linked below and learned how much and often this man drank my jaw dropped to the floor. Check it out and let us know what you think.

***Article: The Greatest Drunk on Earth***

Horrific Fall by Candice Michelle of the WWE

The WWE has been in the news consistently over the last few months due to the Chris Benoit double-murder and rampant steroid use. One of the other big problems for the multi-million dollar industry has been asking their wresters to perform stunts they might not be trained to pull off properly. This happened again this past Monday night on RAW when Candice Michelle had a terrible fall from the top rope in a match. Check out the video clip below for yourself.

Ric Flair Wants to Help ;-)

Ric Flair

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I truly think I have seen it all now.


Pacman Loves TNA

TNA wrestling and Pacman Jones

When you think things can’t get any wilder with Pacman Jones he decides to kick it up another notch. Word is out that Pacman is very close to signing a deal with TNA (Total Nonstop Wrestling…I always thought it meant ti$$ and a$$) wrestling. Supposedly he won’t be actually wrestling, but he will have a major role in the storyline. At least the wrestlers of TNA don’t have to worry about his two special moves the “Pacman Bomb” or “Black Rain”

Chris Benoit Update

Chris Benoit

More details have come out on the Benoit tragedy and it’s very disturbing to say the least. Benoit reportedly strangled his wife, smothered his son and then hung himself in his weight room at his homestead. The other big report is this is all tied to Benoit’s steroid use and a supposed “roid rage”. Click the link below for more details on this terrible debacle.

***Chris Benoit Developing Story***