May 20, 2024

Chris Benoit Update

Chris Benoit

More details have come out on the Benoit tragedy and it’s very disturbing to say the least. Benoit reportedly strangled his wife, smothered his son and then hung himself in his weight room at his homestead. The other big report is this is all tied to Benoit’s steroid use and a supposed “roid rage”. Click the link below for more details on this terrible debacle.

***Chris Benoit Developing Story***


  1. this was a no brainer.. shoot some more crap in your ass.. ass. Kill the son too? This is horrendous and really shows what steroid use does. What a freakin’ tragedy

  2. dexineffex says

    What an asshole!!!

    That makes me sick the fact that he killed his own son….and a 7 yr old too boot. WTF??? I always knew he was a sick, rat bastard.

    On a MUCH LIGHTER NOTE, I had the experience of a lifetime today down in Pinehurst, catching a practice round of the Women’s US Open. I stood mere feet from SportsUnderground’s babe of 2007 — Natalie Gulbis. She was absolutely beautiful and due to a bad back, was doing some amazing stretches right in front of us on the 14th fairway. If I had a camera, papparazzi would’ve paid a smooth $10K for those pics. 36-24-36……and her name is Natalie!