October 27, 2021

Kobe Jumps Pool of Snakes

Last month we wrote about the Kobe jumping a car video and how cool we thought it was overall. Obviously it wasn’t a real video, but a sweet viral marketing idea nonetheless. Well, Kobe is back at it again and this time he is with the Jackass crew and is jumping over a pool of snakes. Enjoy the video clip!


  1. I have to say this one isn’t as well done as the Aston Martin clip.

  2. Watch Kobe jump over Timmy Duncan tonight..

  3. Good one my friend.

  4. I am starting up a new fan club.. Luke Walton Sucks fan Club is now officially a charitable non-profit.. Whatever it takes and how many 5K’s I have to sponsor.. I will donate all the money towards paying off this stiffs contract just so I dont have to watch him play basketball in the NBA. I would rather have Mark Madsen over this guy cus at least he would finish around the hoop. Gimme a 60 year old Mario Elie. With all the accolades Mitch got for the Pau trade… he missed one.. He could have had PJ Brown for nada.. That would have provided a legit 6’9″ forward who still has game to rebound, hack a bit and score under the hoop.
    With all the hustle awards Walton receives.. he is a stiff and a rally killer.

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