October 24, 2021

Kobe Jumps Car

Check out this video clip of Kobe Bryant jumping completely over a moving Aston Martin. Awesome!


  1. its all fun and games…until some dipshit kid decides he can be just like kobe, and gets his bottom half rearranged into a hood ornament…then kobe will get his ass sued, and i bet a big ass diamond wont get him out of trouble this time

  2. Not thought of it that way wolfman, but you make an interesting point.

  3. Who cares if a kid tries this same stunt. People have to be responsible for their actions.

  4. No one really believes this is for real do they? I am sure it violates some fine print in Kobe’s contract. Not to mention how irresponsible it is for Nike to support to it…let only produce it.

    It is a hoax…another Nike viral marketing campaign. Very very irresponsible on everyone who was involved part.

    We will ready about some kid from Macon GA whose last words were…

    “Hey watch this…..”

    Bad judgment Nike and Kobe.

  5. i didnt say people shouldnt be responsible for their own actions…but seriously, what rock do you live under. people sue people for coffee being too hot and dumb shit like that….people stopped being responsible for themselves by and large a looooong time ago, you know, about the time the government decided they knew best and started making stupid a “protected class”


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  2. […] It was a couple of weeks ago that we discussed Kobe supposedly jumping a moving car and ultimately it turned out to be a Youtube viral hoax. Well, last week Kenny Smith who is an analyst for TNT decided it was his turn to “supposedly” jump a moving Aston Martin. Check out the video clip below to see what happens to Kenny. […]

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