October 19, 2021

JD’s Picks – Ready for the NBA

Ok, Ok, so my hockey picks weren’t all the best. Believe it or not, I didn’t start doing poorly until I started posting them. So now, with the NBA, I hope I don’t jinx myself again. I’ll give it a go for about a week or two, and if I start to slide…well, I won’t. I don’t care to take the time to back and figure out how many units I am down, I am going to estimate it at -4*’s. So I am starting out in the hole. It’s all good though.

Tonight, with a small slate, I’ve got a few picks that I feel pretty good about.

  • Sea/NJ Sea +3 2*
  • Orl/Bos Orl -1 1*
  • Parlay Sea+5/Orl-.5 1*(bought the hooks for the parlay)

Now, let’s go and take the man down!
No picks on the MNF, I’ll leave that to Stonecold. But I’m hoping he is at least pulling for the Panthers!


  1. Nice work Wolfman. You really hit the jackpot on these picks. I look forward to future picks because I haven’t been so successful to date in the NBA.

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