September 19, 2021

US Immigration

Gavin GrantI know, I know….a sports forum, and we’re talking about immigration issues? But in this case, the two are intertwined. Gavin Grant, a sophomore G/F for the NC State Wolfpack is in a little legal hot water. When he was 10 years old, his mother came here from Jamaica, and obviously Gavin came with her. Now, 12 years later, good ol’ Uncle Sam is going to try and send him home. Makes a lot of sense, wouldn’t you think? It does, except for a few things:

  • Grant is in college, working on a degree. I guess it would be OK and they would let him slide if he were off working in a field somewhere in Arizona.
  • Since Grant and his presence in the United States has absolutely no bearing on the all important and oft-pointed to “price of a head of lettuce”, he needs to be gone?
  • He is married to an American citizen, and has a 1 year old child. What happened to not breaking families up. Isn’t that why they sent Elian Gonzalez home, to be with his father and not split the family up?
  • A couple of weeks ago, there were protests in every major city in the US, yet not one arrest was made or one green card was checked. But they’re willing to pull a kid OUT OF SCHOOL and make an example out of him?
  • Sending Grant home to Jamaica would most certainly send a vicious message to the reported 300,000 illegals in NC alone (HAH!)

If all things and issues were being pursued with the same amount of vigor and fairness, I wouldn’t have a beef with anything right now. But what they’re doing with a guy who is doing the right thing, and is a good kid, doesn’t seal the border or solve the problem. When you put up a fence and start deporting the illegals who are raping our system and country, THEN come talk to me about sending Gavin Grant back to Jamaica. Until then, kiss off!


  1. WOW Wolfman, I really like the passion in this post and I couldn’t agree with you more. Right on bro.

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