October 19, 2021

Game 7 x 2

Both Western Conference Semi-Finals are closing out tonight with a deciding Game 7 in each instance. First off, the Mavs and Spurs are battling it out and then the Clippers and the Suns will go head to head. Personally, if I were to be able to set up the Western Conference Finals, I would take the Mavs and Suns just for entertainment purposes. Both of these teams are fun to watch, and more than likely, the winner will take the Championship. That’s just my gut feeling. OK, ready for the final prediction? It’s the Mavs in 6 over the Pistons. There ya have it. Am I right or wrong? Come on, gimme your best shot.


  1. Wrong Wolfman! The Mavs will be in the finals, but it will be against the Heat. The Pistons showed serious vulnerability against the Cavs and the Heat want vengeance. Mavs win in 7 in a very memorable Series.

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