November 28, 2021

NFL Draft: Vernon Davis

Rising from basically an unknown in most parts of the country before his junior season, Vernon Davis has really made a name for himself. The TE from Maryland is getting rave reviews from EVERY scout he crosses paths with and it should make for a nice deal starting this Saturday.

Davis isn’t just the best tight end available in the draft this weekend, he is the top-rated receiver. He could be selected as high as No. 4 by the New York Jets (the last tight end drafted in the top five was Riley Odoms in 1972).

Davis is a beast. A freak. Almost an unnatural athlete. He is tough to bring down, and that’s if you can catch him. His potential position in the draft is changing almost daily. For a while, he was expected to be taken by the Raiders, then earlier than that with the 49er’s, now as high as the Jets at #4, with the possibility that teams could trade up to take him earlier than that. Hard work DOES pay off, and it will pay BIG TIME for Davis in this years draft.


  1. I could not agree more sports. Vernon Davis is an absolute stud and will do big things in the NFL.

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