November 28, 2021

2006 NFL Draft: T-minus 1 Week

With the draft coming up, all eyes are on the Houston Texans, and what they will do with their #1 pick. The most obvious choice is Reggie Bush. BushBoth Bush and the Texans are in ongoing contract talks. The main sticking point appears to be, hold on to your seats…..MONEY. The Texans aren’t shy about ponying up the cash, but Bush’s team is letting it be known that the #1 contract should be more than the previous years contract. Last year’s #1, Alex Smith, got a $24 million deal. And like I said, the Texans WILL overpay, but they contend that they shouldn’t pay more for a player who is NOT a QB. With that in mind, the Texans have also opened up communications with Mario Williams’ camp.williams The stud DE from NC State is widely acknowledged as the best defensive player in the draft, with measurables similar to and in some cases surpassing those of current NFL star Julius Peppers. If I had to put money on it, Bush is the #1 pick. This kid is going to be one of those guys who…..well, he is just going to be one of those guys. We will look back on him 15 years from now and marvel at his career. That’s not to take anything away from Williams, who I think will also have a stellar career in the NFL, but if you have that #1, you have to take someone who can take some of the pressure off D. Carr.
Also, the Titans have the 3rd pick. Now, I am not going to get into the screw job they’re giving Steve McNair, at least in the post. It is almost a given they are going to be taking a QB, but which one. LeinartMost talent scouts have tabbed Leinart from USC as close to a given as you can get. With that said, Vince Young from Texas offers an extra layer of ability and skills to the QB position. In fact, the Titans may be favoring Young at this point, and that offers up the possibility of trading back, picking up a few more positions, and taking Young a little later in the draft, as it’s not expected for YoungYoung to go to any of the teams immediately following the Titans. Of course, there are some in the Titans organization who would love to get Matt Leinart in there and team him up with Norm Chow, his former offensive coordinator from USC. Right now, the Titans could change the landscape of the first round with what it decides to do.


  1. If Matt Leinart is still on the board, do you think the Titans can pass on him?

  2. I actually thought they were sold on Vince Young, but that was before they had Young in to do a “mental” workout. When trying to draw up a play to attack a particular defense, well, let’s just say it didn’t go so well. 3 guys blocking one defender usually doesn’t work all that well.

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