May 20, 2024

Tiger a Bit Rusty

Tiger Woods missed the cut in the Abu Dhabi Championship and based on his drive in the video below we can see why.  Tiger has a couple of months until The Masters so hopefully he can shake off the rust in time for the first Major championship of the year.

How could this basketball shot happen?

This past weekend an Atlanta Hawks fan got the opportunity to make a half-court shot for a cool grand.  Somehow his shot landed on the back of the rim and literally didn’t move. I had to watch the video a few times  because the odds of that happening have to be astronomical.  I hope the Hawks organization felt sorry for the guy and gave him the cash because his feat has to be harder.  Check it out!

Ed Werder Zings Andy Reid

Ed Werder threw a major zinger recently on the air when he decided to call Andy Reid fat.  During a live taping of SportsCenter Ed was reporting on Reid and the Chiefs coaching situation when he dropped the one-liner.  I can’t imagine ESPN’s brass were too happy with Werder for the low blow.

Wedgie of a Lifetime

Dude’s do ridiculous stuff everyday and attempting to jump over a golf cart is a great example. There’s no reason to try this other than, “Hey dude, check out this jump.” To this dude’s credit, he cleared the  cart, but unfortunately his clothing did not. The end result is one of the greatest wedgies every captured on film.