April 14, 2024

Shaquille O’Neal’s Version of Beat It

It seems everywhere you turn these days you can’t help but hear someone reference the recently departed Michael Jackson. I guess this is what happens when we lose an icon, but for me personally it can get a bit old sometimes. Speaking of getting a bit old Shaquille “I need attention” O’Neal decided to perform his own rendition of the Michael Jackson hit Beat It. Check out the video to see Shaq ham it up like usual.

Shaq Serious About MMA?

It seems there might be some merit to the rumors that Shaquille O’Neal wants to take on Korean MMA fighter Hong-Man Choi based on this video of Shaq training. Choi is the 7-foot-2, 330-pound beast that beat the ever living will out of Jose Canseco a few weeks back. I can imagine the Suns would love for O’Neal to step in the ring since I’m sure it is a violation of his contract and we all know Phoenix is doing anything they can to unload his huuuuggggeee contract.