August 10, 2022

The NFL is King

So far this year the NFL has had some excellent Monday Night games on TV, but this past Monday was a real stinker. Tennessee and Jacksonville isn’t very appealing to a national audience and quite frankly the Jaguars have a hard time getting people in northern Florida to care about them. Considering the game was a 30-3 blowout one might think the MLB playoff game between the nationally loved Yankees and the Texas Rangers would win in the TV ratings, right? WRONG! The abysmal MNF matchup was watched by 7.2% of US households and the Yankees/Rangers were only watched by 6.5% of homes. Imagine how bad the NFL would have crushed baseball if the Giants/Cowboys, Jets/Patriots or Packers/Vikings would have been pitted against each other. America’s pastime continues to lose their audience while the NFL gains popularity at a rapid pace. If the NFL is smart, and I believe them to be, they will figure out the looming collective bargaining agreement and insure there is no stoppage in play. The NFL is the cream of the crop when it comes to professional sports at this time and a lockout is something they must avoid at all cost.