September 29, 2023

Eli’s Locker Room Note

This little message was allegedly left by New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning after their week 2 victory over the Cowboys in the new Cowboys Stadium. The message was found on a concrete slab in the visitor’s locker room and is pretty ballsy if it’s actually Manning’s real John Hancock. Is there a chance Eli isn’t the stick in the mud he appears to be on a daily basis?

Eli Manning Wins the Lottery

The New York Giants and Eli Manning have reportedly agreed to a $97.5 million six-year contract extension. This ludicrous deal will make him one of the top three highest paid players in the NFL with an average salary of roughly $15.3 million a year. An individual close to the discussions who asked to be anonymous since the deal hasn’t been signed says Manning is guaranteed $35 million in the extension which would keep him in New York through the 2015. However, 2015 is completely in theory because I don’t see Eli handling the New York pressure and expectations for another six years. Eli isn’t close to one of the top three players in the NFL and while he is set for life he won’t be the happiest camper over the coming years after inking this contract.