September 20, 2021

Sayonara Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay’s best outfielder Carl Crawford has signed for major moolah with the Red Sox. First baseman Carlos Pena has signed with the Chicago Cubs and shortstop Jason Bartlett traded to the Padres. Pena and Crawford were first and third on the team in homeruns and second and third in RBI. One of their top starters Matt Garza is going to be traded and closer Rafael Soriano is also being shopped around to the highest bidder. The Rays have had a great 3-year stint and even made the World Series, but things are about to change. Don’t be surprised if they fall all the way to the basement in the AL East this coming year and at the very least they are no longer a viable opponent for the Yanks and Sox.


  1. we’ll see, i have faith in the rays farm system. how great would it be if the rays end up 5 games ahead of the boston GREEN sox!

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