October 27, 2021

Favre and Receivers Need Work

The main take away from the Vikings 14-9 loss to the Saints last night is Favre and his gaggle of receivers need some polishing. Favre’s failure to connect with his two primary receivers Bernard Berrian and Percy Harvin is the reason they lost the matchup. Favre depended heavily on Sidney Rice last year, but he is injured and Berrian catching one pass for 3 yards and Harvin catching one for 12 yards won’t get it done. Favre was 4-12 on all passes to wide receivers and if it wasn’t for Shiancoe’s catches in the first half and some dump down passes to the backs it would have been a very poor statistical outing for Brett. I believe with some more practice Favre and gang (watch out for Greg Camarillo) will find a groove, but they will need to soon because the schedule is tough.

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