June 29, 2022

Tiger Tales Continue

We haven’t talked about Tiger in over a week which doesn’t bother us necessarily, but we couldn’t pass up the chance after we heard the latest buzz around the fallen golfer today. Porn star Joslyn James is claiming Mr. Woods impregnated her not once, but two times. To make matters worse these two alleged pregnancies took place at the same time Tiger’s wife Elin was pregnant as well. James is stating the first pregnancy led to a miscarriage around the same time Elin gave birth to their daughter during the summer of 2007. James also claims she aborted a second pregnancy very close to the same time Tiger’s son Charlie Axel was born in February of last year.

Now I understand it might be hard to believe the word of someone who starred in such films as “Shorty Iz F&$#in’ Yo Mama 2” and “Mama F&$#ed a Black Man”, but you just never know. Joslyn will be on “Inside Edition” tonight to drop the accusations to a national audience.
Tiger, I’m not sure if you are on the high seas, in New York, in South Africa, sex rehab, Florida, or somewhere in the middle of Kansas, but it’s time to face the music. Please come out of hiding and participate in an interview with Oprah or Larry King in order to set the record straight. This stuff has got to stop and it only will once you let it loose.


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