May 20, 2024

Olympic Ecstasy

It was widely known coming into the Winter Olympics that Olympic village would be locked and loaded with 10,000 condoms for the athletes to use at their leisure. Well, unfortunately 10,000 weren’t enough because the amount didn’t last the full two weeks and another shipment had to be requested. When you break that down it means roughly 14 condoms per athlete were used and based on the looks of some of the athletes I don’t think they are all joining in on the fun. I’m sure a decent amount of condoms are being taken home for souvenirs, but it seems the stigma attached to all the partying that goes down at Olympic Village is very true. I wonder how many condoms our favorite American female downhill skier (seen above in zebra print) has used over the last two weeks?


  1. looks like she had more of a strap-on mentality


  1. […] begins. It sounds as if there will be even more high jinks in South Africa then there was at the 2010 Winter Olympics earlier this year. […]