May 20, 2024

Ohno Makes American Olympic History

Apolo Anton Ohno won his seventh Winter Olympic medal yesterday on the short track 1000m. Ohno wasn’t looking good with three laps to go considering he was in last place, but as usual he made a big push and captured third place for a bronze medal. Apolo is now being referred to as America’s most decorated athlete ever of the Winter Games because his seventh medal broke a tie with speed skater Bonnie Blair. We should point out Blair captured five golds over her career and to date Ohno has two. Ohno can add to his illustrious Olympic career because he still has two more events to go with the 500m and 5000m relay.


  1. this guys wants props?.. Bonnie Blair won 5 Gold and a Bronze.. how does he even say he is the best when he has won 2 golds?.. a joke really cus Bonnie was winning back in the cold war days and without all the sponsorship money as well as crushing her competition in real speed skating