October 20, 2021

NBA Bets of the Day – April 22nd, 2009

I was very confident about the Cavs last night and for awhile it looked like the lock of the century. In the end they only covered by one and unfortunately Portland couldn’t quite get over the hump, but they did win. I like my two picks for tonight so follow if you feel the same.

Nuggets -5.5
Hawks/Heat under 184

Overall Record:

NBA 31-22
MLB 25-16-1
NHL 0-1
College Football: 106-92-1
NFL 103-72-5
College Basketball 197-149-6


  1. I am betting the mortgage n Orlando
    -10 1/2.. will not lose

  2. Ouch D2B…ouch!

  3. anyone have a place for me to live?

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