October 20, 2021

College Basketball Bet of the Day – National Championship Game

There is a lot of buzz around the Michigan State Spartans possibly slaying Goliath tonight in the National Championship, but I just don’t see it happening. I know they handled Louisville and UConn rather easily, but let’s not forget just a few months ago many were asking the question will the Tarheels go undefeated. While that was a uneducated thing to think because it’s too hard to do, but this UNC team is really really good. I think in the end Carolina wins this game by 12 to 13 points.

UNC -7.5

Overall Record:

College Basketball 196-149-6
NBA 30-21
NHL 0-1
MLB 20-11
College Football: 106-92-1
NFL 103-72-5


  1. dexineffex says

    Almost hit the nail on the head there StoneCold! TAR HEELS 4 LIFE! Thrilled that Tyler & Co. sealed the deal — GO HEELS!!

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