October 24, 2021

We Got Thabeet

As much as I like the little guy to play in the greatest sporting event ever made.. yes World Cup freaks.. the best event, I dont like seeing 103-47 scores. Dont get me wrong.. I gave the 20 and got Uconn and collected my duckets before the 10 minute mark of the first half, but C’mon this is embarassing.

Whats up with that douchebag from Morgan St. Amir Ali?.. yep a terrorist.. He decided to flip the Player of the Year over his back and then try and walk away like he didnt do anything. Of course the refs saw this and sent him to Guantanomo…

Anyway, we had some decent games in the night session of the First day with scares from American (Winner +16.5)  and Akron early in their games, the “no Duh” game  Western Ky as well as the nail biter UCLA v VCU.  Its not that we did not know this game was gonna be like it was but UCLA was able to not stink as bad as VCU  was able to survive and advance and that is the name of this tourny.

I was 3-1 on my first day of the madness and of course my 5 star pic was a loser.. but I am sure you would take 3-1 every day of the week.

Day 2 Pix

Pitt -20

Louisville -21

Portland State +10.5

*****Wake Forest -8


  1. Calling the player from Morgan St. a terrorist just because he’s Muslim is a douchebag move. I can only imagine you’re some white supremacist, frat-boy, red-neck dumbass to have said such a thing. What he did was wrong, but that doesn’t make him a terrorist you racist bitch.

  2. I think you are taking things a bit far “Mike” and probably need a nice vacation to unwind.

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