April 14, 2024

I had no idea…

Does anyone remember the young man who was traded from one minor league team to another last year for some baseball bats? At the time it seemed like quite the joke or maybe just a publicity stunt by the minor league teams. Whatever the case it definitely gained national exposure for John Odom who was the pitcher involved in the trade. I can vividly remember his interivew on PTI where on the outside he seemed to be trying to play it off, but something didn’t quite seem right with him overall throughout the interview. It seems the trade could have had an impact on him because late last year he had a drug overdose and died. No one knows for sure if this is what lead him down a destructive path, but one would have to think it certainly didn’t help. Check out the full ESPN article below. So sad!

The John Odom story


  1. I read the story earlier today and am saddened about the end result I know first hand about demons and this is something that this kid could not overcome.