October 27, 2021

Garnett Down with the Bruins

Check out this new Adidas commercial with Kevin Garnett in the UCLA men’s basketball locker room. March is a brotherhood!


  1. ballbuster says

    Nice. KG didn’t even go to college!

  2. But he probably would have gone to UCLA.. of course

  3. dexineffex says

    Guess he still has a couple years of eligibility…….. If we’re playing that game Bruins1 then go ahead and add King James to the Tarheels. He said a couple of weeks ago during All-Star weekend (Rookie game) that if he hadn’t gone pro, he would’ve gone to Carolina. 🙂 — the Bruins could’ve used Garnett last night.

  4. i guess NC needed Lebron against Fla St huh?

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