October 20, 2021

Dodgers Win

Manny Ramirez signs with the Dodgers

After on again off again talks for what seems like a year Manny finally agreed on a 2 year $45 million deal with the Dodgers. I can’t believe Scott Boras finally gave in, but I guess you have to when there isn’t one other suitor wanting your player. The real winner in this deal is Los Angeles because without Manny they are a boring .500 ball club, but with him they are exciting and meaningful. Say what you will, but until Manny stepped into LA last year the Dodgers were about as cool as watching paint dry. With him they were able to upset the Chicago Cubs in the first round of playoffs who were considered to be the best in the NL. Now I don’t know if Manny will give it his all this year, but if he does then LA should have an enjoyable summer.


  1. Nice work Scott Boras.. This is the exact same amount he was offered 4 months ago. his is one of those tactics that allow for guys not to show up to the whole Spring Training experience. Manny being Manny.

  2. I agree with you on Boras, but honestly do you think Manny needs a full spring training? Not a chance and better yet there is still almost a month to things get going. If I were the Dodgers I would have still been happy signing him in early April.

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