October 19, 2021

SU.Com College Basketball Top 25

SportsUnderground.com College Basketball Top 25

The latest SportsUnderground.com Top 25 College Basketball Poll is up. Thoughts?


  1. good call on the OK loss but NC is not the best team in college. Good to see you added Utah St .. now we are seeking dayton to be added next week along with Canisius of course.

  2. If UNC continues to play like they did last night they are sir. Thanks for the comment.

  3. They played an over rated Duke team with zero inside game. Coach K should be recruiting instead of coaching Olympic teams as he is getting worked by other NC ACC teams

  4. UNC is the best team in the country if Lawson starts taking control of games. Bruins1, you’re getting swept by AZ St! By an ex-Wolf Pack coach and Dook transfer! What’s up wit dat?

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