October 19, 2021

Santonio Holmes TD in Question

Santonio Holmes Super Bowl touchdown catch

That’s right. This new photo has been circulating around the internet faster than Paris Hilton’s first sex video. It shows what appears to be Holmes with only one foot down on his game winning touchdown catch in Super Bowl XLIII. What we don’t see is when this toe was up during the catch and more importantly it wouldn’t have been enough evidence alone to change the call on the field. So I know all the conspiracy theory whackos are all up in arms about this photo, but let’s face it no matter what the Steelers won the game.


  1. TarheelGresh says

    Seriously???? Is that the only thing that people can focus on….what about the fact that the Cardinals threw an interception that was returned 100 yards for 6? What about the fact that the Cards scored ONLY 7 points in the first half???? Now, to be clear, I was pulling for the Cards, but come on…..if Holmes was on his way up, I would say he never got his foot down. However, he was not, he was on his way down and he still had a long way to go before he hit the ground out of bounds ending the play.. Two feet inbounds…..control of the ball… Touchdown….Steelers win. End of story.

    GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. the fact is the catch was saposta be incomplete but the reffs didnot see enough evidence to make it incomplete i am a steelers fan but theres no way in hell any body could make that not even Jerry Rice not even Randy Moss could catch it.

  3. this is a more complete view. with full explanation

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