October 20, 2021

StonecoldJZ’s Sound Off

Detroit Lions

* Rumors are swirling around South Bend that Charlie Weis is in a must win situation against Navy this weekend or his job could be in jeopardy. Isn’t Navy always a must win when you are frickin Notre Dame? Weisz has been a bust to date in my opinion so whether he wins this weekend or not he still might be gone this season or next at the latest. Maybe Belicheat has an open gig for good old Charlie.

* Tim Lincecum won the NL Cy Young today and I have no problem with it at all. Brandon Webb and Johan Santana both had excellent seasons, but if you wan win 18 games for the San Francisco Giants you deserve more than just a Cy Young Award.

* College basketball is back bi$&hes. College football, college basketball, NBA, NHL, and NFL makes this the best time of the year! Oh yeah along with Thanksgiving and Christmas. 😉

* The Lions are 0-9 and have to play at Carolina then at home with Tampa Bay, Tennessee, Minnesota then at Indy back at home then against New Orleans and finally away in Green Bay. Can this team really go 0-16? I have said for years it just won’t happen in today’s NFL so somehow or another they will find a win somewhere.

* The ole ball coach returns to the Swamp this weekend when his Gamecocks take on Tim Tebow and gang. I know South Carolina has a good defense, but this game will get ugly. Florida has been on a tear and South Carolina won’t stop the momentum because the Gators want a shot at Bama in the SEC Championship.


  1. The Lions don’t win a game this year. Safest bet ever!

  2. Sabathia should have received the Cy Young. He was the most dominant pitcher by a long shot!

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