October 27, 2021

Bad News Raiders

Oakland Raiders fans

Things continue to slide further into the abyss these days for the Los Angeles…err….Oakland Raiders. Let’s not forget just this past weekend they were only able to muster 77 yards of total offense against the Atlanta Falcons. Well, today the Raiders announced they are cutting cornerback DeAngelo Hall who they acquired prior to the season and signed him to a 7-year $72 million deal. Hall hasn’t done much of anything for Oakland, but has anyone? Hall will make out with $8 million after playing a total of 8 games. Nice move Al!


  1. I love all of this.. everytime the Raiders are failing and Al Davis makes another stupid mistake my food tastes better, air smells cleaner and I believe more in the karma more than ever.

  2. The Raiders will be dropping more players to get rid of all their deadweight. Once Jim Harbaugh takes over next year the Raiders will begin to really improve.

  3. tarheelgresh says

    Hey Bruins1…………..B….Y….U!!!!!!!

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