October 20, 2021

NFL Bet of the Day – October 6th

New Orleans Saints fan

I’m going with my buddy Wolfman on this one and taking the Saints -3. Geaux Nawlins!

Overall Record:

NFL 74-39-3
College Football: 57-59-1
MLB 20-10
College Basketball 102-69-6
NHL 0-1
NBA 28-20


  1. Just wanted to say thanks to you and Wolfy..
    …i took Minni on the Money Line.

  2. Your smug comments sometimes are a bit much. Glad you won Bruins1.

  3. Hey.. I am also the guy to come in and blast myself.. .these types of weekends dont happen often

    keep the faith Stonecold!.. Dont worry i’ll blow it next week.

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