October 24, 2021

A SEC Referee Is Your New Office Linebacker

Did this referee have a flashback to his college football days or did dude have money on LSU??? I think this smells very fishy…thoughts?


  1. Terry Tate reincarnated!

  2. ballbuster says

    He must have had the house on LSU

  3. I’m calling my bookie to see if he will give me money back due to a deranged referee. I knew South Carolina 3.5 was solid.

  4. dexineffex says

    Lost his mind and had a flash back to HS ball Class of ’82!! He straight up dropped the forearm shiver on that QB —- how’d the ‘Ol Ball Coach react to that one??!!??

  5. His reaction was really odd dexineffex in my opinion. He wasn’t nearly as mad as I’ve seen him get over a missed screen pass for three yards. I truly don’t think he saw the bow Mr. Ref dropped on his player.

  6. Was that a power elbow or just a shiver?

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