October 27, 2021

Patriots Take a Giant Step Back

Bill Belichick

New England’s worst kept secret is now official because it has been confirmed that Tom Brady will be out for the entire ’09 season. Brady took a huge hit to his knee early in the game yesterday against Kansas City and never returned due to what we think is an ACL injury. I say we think because Belichick refuses to say today what the actual injury was that Brady sustained. Belichick is the king of playing cat and mouse games and after such a monumental loss like Brady I expect him to take his games to a whole new level. This New England Patriots are very old and now without questionably the best player in the NFL they could be in for a long season. Let’s face it they barely beat the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday in Foxboro with a 17-10 victory and the Chiefs are supposed to be a basement team this year. Only time will tell, but I foresee the Patriots not winning their division and possibly missing the playoffs.


  1. Turn out the lights the party is OVER!

  2. The injury hurts, but the Pats will still win the AFC East and go deep in the playoffs. Belichick is a genius and there was a time our offense wasn’t top notch and we still won.

  3. LOL, renfro must be from Boston. The loss of Brady will be huge and in all reality they could finish under .500 this year.

  4. Pats will no doubt struggle under Matt Cassel, but they will still win the AFC East.

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