August 10, 2022

NFL’s Longest Winning Streak Ended

Bill Belichick

The New England Patriots had thier 21 game regular season winning streak ended yesterday by none other than the Miami Dolphins. The previously winless Dolphins not only beat the Patriots, but they spanked the Patties 38-13 in Foxboro. I don’t think this is the last lump New England takes this year rather just a sign of things to come. Belichick will do all he can to bring the best strategy to the table each week, but let’s face it the defense is old and Brady is on the shelf.


  1. I said two weeks ago to turn out the lights, but even I didn’t think they would lose at home to the Fish. Yikes!

  2. I loved the way Moss was acting like such the team player towards the end of the game against Miami. Not only was he alligator arming catches, but then he sat all by himself moping. My how things change when you start to lose.

  3. The Pats will get things back in order after their bye this week.