October 20, 2021

NCAA Football Bet of the Day – September 11th

UNC football cheerleader

Take UNC and +6 tonight at Rutgers. I know UNC struggled at home against McNeese State a couple of weeks ago plus the ACC stinks, but I’m just not feeling Rutgers tonight.

Overall Record:

NFL 64-33-3
College Football: 44-41-1
MLB 20-10
College Basketball 102-69-6
NHL 0-1
NBA 28-20



  1. yes the tarheels are very athletic.. as shown by the pic above.. but they do not go on the road and cover this week. They still need some more games under their belt and having the week off did not do them justice.

  2. I am extremely impressed

  3. Great call Stonecold! I support your pick 😉

    Time to finally break through the 5-6 year drought of not winning a damn road game outside of the state of NC — please dear Lord!

    Go Heels!!

    B.Tate is on a national stage tonight — watch for this kid to take one to the house before the night is over.


    B.Tate has to be a leading Heisman contender with more than 600 all purpose yards and 4TDs in the first 2 games of the year!

  5. ever had fried crow.. .. not bad actually.

  6. Crack Kills dexineffex. Tate couldn’t win a Heisman with Pat White on the ballot with him.

  7. Pat White? The same Pat White that got rolled up & smoked by the ECU Pirates?

  8. Ummmm Pat White? I agree with Stonecold
    I think there is a QB at Florida that may be on the ballot I would be more inclined to vote for

  9. dexineffex – you just stated what i was trying to prove. i would take pat white (the pat white who looked anemic against ecu) before brandon tate and so would every other voter out there except meatball unc fans. if tate can sustain his play through week 8 we can talk.

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