October 20, 2021

Grow Up or Get Out

Vince Young

News about Vince Young has been flying out of Nashville hot and heavy over the last few days and it hasn’t been pretty. Vince was begged by his teammates to get back into the huddle during their game against Jacksonville this past Sunday. Head coach Jeff Fisher called the cops Monday evening over concern of Young’s mental health after Vince couldn’t be located when he left his house without his cell phone. Young’s mother said he is “hurting inside and out” and she doesn’t know if he wants to play football anymore because of the recent booing he has received from the fans. Finally, there has been more confirmation that rumors about Vince Young wanting to retire after his first year in the NFL are true. All I have to say is grow the f#$k up! You are playing a manly sport and getting paid tons of cash to do so and if you can’t handle the fans getting on you then you should get out. Hopefully, over the next 2-4 weeks you will be able to reflect on what you would be losing while your sprained knee heels, but if you still even remotely feel this way then hit the road. Jeff Fisher is one of the best coaches in the league and right how he has your back, but if you can’t stand up and sack up then do us all a favor and quit for good.


  1. I couldn’t agree more. How can he be so weak?

  2. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. You can’t just let this thing continue to decline. Get him help and get him on the field because he is a huge talent.

  4. BUST

  5. An absolute PUSSY

    Did the Titans ever take into consideration the 6 on the Wunderlick test?

  6. LOL — nice Bruins1. What a complete waste of space — I mean he’s in Nashville from crying out loud; if he were in a major city he would’ve gone AWOL last year.

    Prince Youngblood may be better playing on the Madden Bus.

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