October 19, 2021

Smokin or Broken Version 6

Kerri Walsh is one heck of a beach volleyball player and is well on her way to winning back to back gold medeals for the United States, but that isn’t what we are here to debate. Smokin or broken? What’s the verdict?

Kerri Walsh

Kerri Walsh


  1. ballbuster says

    Butter face, but not broken.

  2. vandlehoyst says

    Smoking for sho. Dig talk drinks of water like Kerri.

  3. I wouldn’t mind rollin around in the sand.

  4. Broken – looks like she took a beating with a hot bag of nickels.

  5. Good one Sherwin. I agree that she is broken.

  6. As discussed previously with stonecoldjz, with my love/lust for tall, slender women AND since there are only two choices here, I have to go with smokin.

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