October 24, 2021

Raising Arizona?

Adam Dunn

The Los Angeles Dodgers recently acquired Manny Ramirez and Casey Blake to help boost their previous paltry offensive numbers. These two acquisitions have definitely helped the Dodgers offensive output so far and in turn their National League West rivals knew it was essential they added some beef as well. Yesterday the Arizona Diamondbacks traded three minor league players to the Cincinnati Reds for Adam “Big Country” Dunn. Dunn leads the National League in home runs and should help lift up the Diamondbacks offense that is currently 20th in the majors for runs scored. Noticed I said should because let’s not forget Dunn is batting .230 on the season and now the Diamondbacks will have three of the top five strikeout leaders in the National League on the same team! The Diamondbacks have great pitching and needed some help on offense, but is Dunn the missing piece?


  1. You bet it helps. It can’t ever hurt to get a bat like this added to your lineup.

  2. frankbruno says

    Doesn’t help their offense a bit overall, but they make the playoffs anyway. The pitching connection of Brandon Webb, Rich Haren and Randy Johnson will get them there and make some noise in the playoffs.

  3. Well, he doubled home a run last night and they won 4-2 so he can provide impact!

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